It seems like there is a job fair every week, what makes Career E3 different than all of the rest?

First of all, Career E3 is NOT a job fair. Persons attending Career E3 have made a decision that they need to obtain further education to advance in the workplace, change careers, or improve their marketable skills so that they can be competitive in todayís job market.

People attending Career E3 are looking at a bigger picture than just getting a job for tomorrow.

There has never been an event like Career E3 before.

What types of careers can I find out about at Career E3?

This depends on the schools that choose to exhibit at Career E3. The broad range of careers that training is provided for in the community college system and in private post-secondary schools is as varied as the people in the workplace.

The training in these schools includes: being an automotive mechanic with a focus on working as a pit crew member at NASCAR races; train engineer or conductor; wilderness guide; water treatment plant operator; plus many other diverse and intriguing fields, along with the more commonly known careers in health care, technology, and law enforcement.

How can I possibly afford to attend school when I have a family to support?

To fully understand your options, you need to attend our seminar on financial aid. The speaker will outline who qualifies for financial aid (almost everyone does) and discuss how and how not to use these funds. Today, an apparent lack of money is not a reason to avoid seeking the career you really want.

Who should attend Career E3?

This can best be described using comments made by the people we talk to in the course of our business. When we tell them about the Career E3 event, the most common reactions include the following:

"I wish there had been a program like Career E3 after I graduated from high school. I only took this job because it was all I knew about."

"I am going to make certain my son attends Career E3."

"My sister-in-law needs to attend Career E3."

"I am a single mother and work full time. I want to go back to school but I donít have time to visit all of these schools in order to make a choice. Career E3 is perfect for me. I can visit the exhibits, talk with the representatives, take the literature home, and make a decision on which schools I want to visit in person."

"I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from a four-year college and cannot find a reasonable paying job. I need to go back to school and learn a skill that will get me a job."

"I only got into this career because my family had been in it. I really want to attend Career E3 and find out what my options are."

I am 40 years old, isn't that too old to start a new career?

That may be true in some careers, but in many it's not. We recently spoke with a school that said their average age for students is 40 and that they had just enrolled a student that is 58 and still perfect for that career.

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